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    I turned off my phone in the cinema last night, and when I turned it back on it initially came on fine and I turned the screen off like normal but when I took it out of my bag a few minutes later it was totally powered off. I tried turning it on again, but it just shows the logo then goes off again.

    When I connect a charger it buzzes but then goes black, then buzzes, again and again until the charger is removed - I don't think it is actually gaining charge right now. It had at least 50% charge when I switched it off at the cinema.

    I have tried taking the battery out. If I connect it to my computer it doesn't detect as an external drive.

    I am trying to do a factory reset to fix the boot loop. It seems hit and miss to access the menu, but when I get to it, and select to do it, it switches off as soon as "factory reset processing" shows.

    It was working fine until last night. I have had it since May. I got it from my friend, who bought it because her old contract phone broke and she needed an immediate replacement on a Sunday - it was from Tesco but her boyfriend unlocked it to Virgin. Nothing else like that has been done to it since.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    01-02-2016 10:42 AM

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