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    The top of my S pen dislodged from the phone after pressing the spring. The bottom of the pen remained in the pen slot. I called Verizon tech support and was advised to have geek squad at best buy to remove the bottom part of the pen from the phone with a tool. The bottom part of the pen was removed. Verizon then recommended that I take the phone to a Samsung rep at best buy to have them confirm that the phone was not damaged and that it is eligible for replacement. The Samsung Rep at the store had no knowledge of being responsible to inspecting the phone for physical damage. I called verizon back today and was transferred over to Samsung support. Samsung now wants me to send my phone to them. Samsung says they will inspect the phone to determine if there is any physical damage that causes the screen to flicker. Samsung says that they will not replace the phone if there is any physical damage. so i am at Samsung's mercy for a phone replacement to no fault of my own. i didnt do anything to cause the bottom part of the S pen to remain in the phone. I feel like i am getting poor customer service from Verizons and Samsung for a phone that I have only had for 2 months.
    01-02-2016 12:19 PM

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