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    So, I'm in a dilema. I can't find a good app for this. We recently switched banks from 5/3rd to Ally. I like Ally way better except 5/3 mobile app had a cool feature that was called "balane now." I could on the spot open the app and not login, but just swipe from the corner in and it told me my bank balance quick.

    Now 5/3 does require internet access. Recently also, I switched phone companies and the cell service isn't quite as reliable. So, what I'm tryng to find is an app that periodically is checking my balance and storing it locally so, if I don't have internet access at the moment, hopefully it checked 15 minutes ago and can tell me what the balance was 15 minutes ago. But if I do have Internet access (which most of the time I do), I can check now.

    My new bank doesn't have text banking (otherwise all my problems would be solved.)

    I've been playing around with two different apps (Mint and Billguard.) Both of them will periodically check my balance and I can open the app and see the last known balnce quick (even if my Internet is down at the moment). But they take forever to query the bank when it does have Internet to get the balance and still shows the balance is 10-30 minutes old.
    01-02-2016 07:30 PM

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