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    I’ve gotten myself a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Android 5.1.1 recently and ditched my iPhone (huge step, but now I feel relieved).

    My problem: stuff running in the background I’m not able to control. On iPhone, it was pretty simple. Apps that aren’t currently running in the “tray”, don’t run at all. Period. Except a few system ones where you could set it up... and WhatsApp.

    Android is eating up all my battery life sooo fast because of it!


    - Skype always notifying me with messages. Sure, I removed all the notification settings for this app. Now it’s just showing a “1” on the icon. But it’s still checking and instantly updating without it actually being launched. When I launch it, all the messages are already there and updated! -.-

    - Health app. Counting my steps. Doing some other stuff I don’t want it to do. Notifying me if I ran enough today or not. I just want to use it to measure my puls once in a while when I want it! How can I make it stop from doing things in the background without me actually running the app.

    - Android mail. Even though you set it on “manually”, it still checks your emails constantly without being run. If you put it on “Do not synchronize”, it stops, but then you can’t check them manually either (without switching that thing on and off deep in the settings).

    This list can go on and on…

    How can I control which app can do things in the background while not being manually launched and which cannot? The only app I would want to behave this way is WhatsApp. But even then I wouldn’t mind just running it once I start my phone and leaving it in the tray to run without closing it if it helps the rest.

    Please help me.

    01-03-2016 06:10 AM
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    First, use your phone normally for the day, then please post us a screenshot of your battery usage stats. Tap the battery graph to open it, and post a screenshot of your Awakes and Signal history too. Both those may be helpful to us in a diagnosis.
    01-03-2016 07:54 AM

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