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    Hi guys and girls.....

    I'm new here to the forum, but have been reading here a lot. Somethings I got solved but some still having some issues..

    I bought a Lenovo tab 2 a7-20f that is running on a android ver.4.4.2 kernel 3.4.67..
    I'm going to mount this in my car later on..

    But my question is..
    When I connect it through a otg y cable with a charger, it powers up the usb hub, pen drive and my usb dac. The tablet starts to take charge for about 20 sec, then it stops charging. What am I doing wrong? Is the charger to small? (1,0A)

    Also the device is unrooted...

    //Regards Michael
    01-03-2016 11:19 AM

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