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    Can I return my HUDL 2, back to the ORIGINAL factory installed Android OS 4.4.2 by Flashing the BIOS (in order to recapture the original PARTITION SIZE, as required by Kitkat?) ; This being indicated by various related Hudl 2 threads on the subject: Inferring it to be the Achilles Heel?

    As mentioned, I saw no warning that the upgrade procedure to Lollipop would remove my entitlement to return to the default the factory fitted OS, nor that it would incur much protracted boot up times, plus many other. 'non optional' and unalterable differences. (please tell me, is it possible I missed them?)

    This is not intended as a pointless whinge, but rather to highlight possible oversights, though mostly it is to enable those such as myself (and it would appear there are many) to return to the OS they originally purchased the device for. Yours Mike Russell
    01-03-2016 01:05 PM

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