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    Trying to use with my older Mintek HD monitor.

    it works on my vga output but is a very low resolution.

    HDMI output worked at first on 720 resolution, but Netflix was cropping out slightly on the edges. The home screen looked fine though.

    Tried: adjusting the display settings from the TV remote. It didn't work.it seems to be locked on the “fill screen” setting while plugged in as Hdmi.

    Tried: adjusting the HDMI display settings from within the M8S box. I turned off HD autodetection and changed the setting to 1080p.
    (I think the default setting is HDMI output mode 720p– 50hz)
    Errored, now the screen just flashes “out of range”.
    I can reconnect the Mbox to the TV through VGA and it works, but at lower resolution.
    01-03-2016 03:00 PM

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