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    I have a Sony Z3 dual sim that I mainly use in Canada (my new home), but I also use in the US when I'm back for visits. In Canada my Canadian sim card says "H+" and my USA ATT sim card shows "R". I think H+ means 4G but I'm not sure what "R" means.

    The real problem, though, is that when I'm in the US my US ATT sim card says "E". I'm pretty sure that means Edge, which is the slowest network. And it's been pretty useless. I thought this phone had 4G bands that work with both T Mobile and ATT. Am I wrong about that, or is something else going wrong?

    I'd like to get a new pay as you go sim for use within the US, but I want to make sure I get one on a network that will give me 4G (or at least 3G) speed.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    01-03-2016 05:05 PM

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