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    Girlfriend's phone, a samsung ace, has stopped working. She said it froze today and she restarted it and it said "ddi : mmc_read failed" followed by odin mode.

    I've looked on various forums and have tried a few things and i started getting another type of error that said "Movinand checksum confimation fail" but it went back into odin when i restarted it again for the fiftieth.

    After holding the power, home, and volume down button at the same time for the third time it started up for no reason but when it got to the home screen all her apps were gone but her background was the same. it also started saying a bunch of error things, like that "samsung keyboard has stopped working." I tried to text myself to see if it worked but then it froze like before, was forced to restart, and now it's giving us the "odin" thing again.

    So how do I fix this?
    01-04-2016 03:51 PM

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