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    I need to set up an account for my daughter on her Samsung S4 phone. I have an Google Drive account and need to sign out so that I can set hers up.
    01-04-2016 08:16 PM
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    You can't sign her in from the device? If you've given her a gmail the phone is on her gmail account right? If for some reason you've given her gmail but have not signed the phone in under her name, which I'm really not sure what purpose that could serve would be, control maybe? But you would be limiting yourself too so I'm not sure. Anyway log in on a pc go to your gmail and set up an account from there for her. Her user name will be slightly different because you can't reuse gmail accounts even if you delete them, then go on the device and sign it of the device. To do that go to accounts & sync, select Google, next to the name are 3 dots press that and choose to remove account, goto setup in your app drawer and sign in with the new account. If you just can't let her have the phone then add an account in drive. Open drive, open the options menu, 3 bars on the upper left, touch the user pic from there you can add an account. This will give you options to limit the account or whatever and it will give you direct monitoring of the account. You'll have to dog thru the songs for all that. Then switch back and forth between them to add items and so on. It does offer you the option to remove an account but this takes you to the area I described before and will cause you to delete the account from the device blah blah blah. Otherwise I know of no way to simply sign out of drive on a device. I wonder though if you signed out of the device signed back in then opened drive off from there you could choose a different account to sign in???? I'm not sure but it's the best I got.

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    01-04-2016 09:40 PM

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