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    i have a galaxy s6 edge plus. this is the 3rd bout where when i lock the phone with the power button and i go back to it later there it doesn't ask for my pattern password. the lock screen comes up and all that i have to do to unlock the phone is swipe. there is the camera icon on the bottom right and the phone icon on the bottom left. on the bottom middle there is a lock icon. if i swipe that it asks for my pattern password. but at that point anyone who picks up my phone could just skip that part. i've done cache clearing both in the setting and where the phone is started in safe mode. this doesn't happen in safe mode. i've deleted all downloaded apps. it did this back in november and seemed to fix itself after a few days. it did it again to me last week and lasted a few days and now it's back again. i've also tried using pin password and fingerprint. same story. the type of password doesn't help. please help!
    01-05-2016 08:00 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Try Safe Mode, to test whether a third-party app is causing the trouble.
    01-05-2016 08:23 AM
  3. RogMoore's Avatar
    I think you need to consult the technical support of Samsung for that.
    01-05-2016 08:27 AM

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