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    My plan is with virgin mobile. They do not offer a reactivation option and instead will only activate new ones. When I try putting it through activation it tells me they already have it on file and that's that. I tried resetting my payment plan by paying 10 days early and still nothing. My issue is ever since I got the latest android update my phone is officially a goner once it shuts off. If I want to turn it back on I need to preform another factory reset. (Also need help on why the **** that keeps happening) If I try normally restarting it it just stays on the virgin mobile screen and turns on and off, infinitely until it dies. What the ******* **** is the ****ity on my phone?

    So my questions, to put it simple.

    1. How do I reactive my lg tribute with virgin mobile after a factory reset? Payments are up to date.

    2. Why does my phone only turn after a factory reset? It can't start up normally anymore.
    01-05-2016 01:43 PM

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