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    A couple weeks ago, I attempted to open Hearthstone on my Moto E. It has 4 GB of internal space, so I had bought a 32 GB Micro SD card. It was "Evo" and from Samsung. When I attempted to open Hearthstone, a dialogue came up saying, "com.blizzard. blah blah has stopped responding" or something along those lines. I force rebooted the phone by holding down the sleep button. Upon awakening, i realized that Hearthstone had been deleted, as well as all other apps that had data on the Micro SD card. Also, the photos that I had moved to the Micro SD were gone. In the notification tab thing, a bar said "SD Ready to Mount." I went to settings and then pressed storage. Near the bottom of the page, a button was available that said, "Mount SD," although my SD card was already in. Previously, rebooting my phone had no effect on the state of the Micro SD. I pressed the mount button, and then a bar in the notification thing appeared and it said, "SD card is blank or has unsupported file system." or something to that effect. I clicked on the notification and it said that the card needs to be formatted, which would erase all the content on the card. I pressed the button to let my Micro SD be formatted, but the loading bar stopped very prematurely and the window closed. I tried many times to make the Micro SD card work on my phone to no avail. I used a Micro SD to SD card adapter and plugged it into my Windows computer, and the computer could not recognize the file type and said that it must be formatted. I tried to format it on windows, but that didn't work either. I was very frustrated, but in the end, I accepted the fact that I had lost my data and Micro SD card.

    Yesterday, I moved pictures and videos from my mom's internal storage to her Micro SD card by pressing the "move media" button in the storage tab in settings. She also has a Moto E and has the same type of Micro SD card. Today she asked where her pictures were and I said that they should be in her gallery, but when I checked her phone, all of the thousands of pictures she had taken were gone. In the notification bar, it said "SD Ready to Mount." Everything that happened to me happened to my mom, except this time, I care more for the contents of the card because it has lots of pictures and memories. This time, I have not yet pressed Format, and I have not been able to plug it into my PC because I lost the adapter. I plugged the micro SD into my Moto E, and it still showed that it was empty or in an unsupported file system. I am afraid that the photos may have been deleted forever, but I would love if someone could prove otherwise.

    How could I recover the lost data? i am not too tech savvy, so layman's terms would be best. Thanks in advance. I will try to find my micro to SD adapter.

    UPDATE: Found the Micro SD to SD Adapter. I plugged it into my PC and the PC knows it's there, but the SD is in a different format. The PC can't read the data that is on there, and it is offering to format the SD. I am hesitant because I know that formatting means erasing everything, and that would be working against my goal.
    01-05-2016 08:38 PM

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