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    I have to travel to Pakistan for some time. I found out that you tube is banned there. I have a series of seminars, I want videos from m youtube channel embedded in the presentations. How can I make it work?
    01-06-2016 07:30 AM
  2. peterbuttler's Avatar
    The query, how to unblock YouTube is one of the most frequent queries entered in search engines every year. Surprisingly, the restrictions apart, YouTube continue to hold the third place in the list of the world’s most accessed websites. The reason is, it’s a home to the unlimited numbers of videos, and it lets the users view and share any content of their choice. For some, it’s a serious business place while for others it’s a serious educational platform and for the rest, it’s a place of relaxation, fun, and entertainment. One can use this freedom of sharing either in a constructive way or a destructive way. It all comes down to the hands of the user at the end.
    09-20-2016 09:12 AM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    Also, if governments are responsible for these bannings, try to remove them from power.
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    09-20-2016 12:51 PM

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