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    I've had my Samsung Galaxy S6 with lollipop for a few months and it's always been great with battery, until a couple of days ago it started going down ridiculously fast. Under battery usage, it says that Google Play Services (sometimes it comes up as Google Services - any idea why?!) is using 86% of the battery.

    I read that the screen should be using the most. My screen is currently using 8%. But Google Maps is using 17%. An hour ago, Twitter was using 18% and Google Play Services was "just" at 60%. I tried completely uninstalling Twitter and that's when Google Play Services shot up to 86%.

    I can literally see the remaining battery decreasing before my eyes.

    I'm currently travelling so I've had my phone set to aeroplane mode more or less permanently for the last three months, and haven't used mobile data at *all* since October. It's surely a recent bug but I'm running out of things I can do. I've cleared all the caches I can. I've disabled background data. I've disabled Google Now and removed the widget. I've set apps to not auto-update.

    How long should it take for these to start working? Should I see a difference in the percentage immediately?

    I've found a few posts about this but most of the fixes either come from people with a Nexus or it's something very specific but unrelated to me (e.g. the Fit app that I don't have).

    Is my only option left to do a factory reset? I haven't deleted the Maps app but if that's the only option it seems completely ridiculous to me; a total loss of functionality!

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received . . .
    01-06-2016 10:16 AM

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