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    Hi. I have tried chasing this problem down through Google, but I cannot find anything specific enough to answer it.
    All I want, is to create a Music folder on my phone's SD card and copy my pc stored music there! However, Explorer (Vista) won't let me create a new folder on the card and when I use File Explorer (Lollipop) I can only create an emulated folder, whatever that is. What is does mean is that although FE says I am in the SD card when I create the folder, it actually creates it in the internal phone storage.
    I transferred 1Gb of music from the pc into that emulated folder. When I check using FE, it shows the files are stored in the phone and the card. However, it is not on the card, as proved by Windows and Lollipop settings/storage/SD card.
    Can anybody please tell me how to move my music to the card?
    01-06-2016 12:19 PM

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