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    I just did a factory reset to my Samsung galaxy GT7100 yesterday and today when I woke up and I was getting calls from my buds I picked the call and suddenly I can't hear anything and when I asked my buds did they hear me properly they said no there was not a single sound. I also tried using my earphones and received 2 or 3 calls but even on earphones I cannot hear anything nor can the person I'm speaking to. I tried checking my phones microphone with the audio recorder and video recorder and some other social apps such as what's app, viber, Skype the microphone works fine with the apps. During calls I cannot hear anything and upon that when I disconnect the call, my network goes off or sometimes my phone goes into airplane mode and then disables the airplane mode by itself and the network is back again. Please help! I really need to figure out what's the problem.

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    01-06-2016 03:55 PM

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