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    I have a Moto X (1rst Gen) phone with Lollipop on it. Just bought a Moto 360 watch which is doing pretty well. While I use Google Inbox as my mail app, I have my mail notifications set up via label filters on Gmail so that when certain work contacts email me, I get a specific tone, versus the tone that plays when my mom emails me and so forth and so on. The problem is, this causes all kinds of cards to pop up on my watch whenever new mail lands in the Gmail Primary box (for work purposes, I'm on a lot of mailing lists and most of those messages do not need immediate attention). Turning off the notifications for the Primary box turns off the notifications across the board - it shouldn't, but it does.
    I've tried setting up the different notifications via IFTTT (which plays a song as the action to the trigger of an email from X), and placed my notification tones in my music folder. However, Google Play, my music player, insists on playing *all* the tones in the folder, which defeats the purpose of the notification and is a real nuisance if my hands happen to be full when the notification comes through.
    I'm debating trying Tasker, but am concerned it may be more complicated than I really need.
    Any other thoughts or ideas? There are only about five people whose emails I need to know about right away, but I do need to know they're in my Inbox. The rest are just irritating interruptions.
    01-07-2016 10:44 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Set a filter to forward a copy of the emails from the recipients that you want to another Gmail account, then use that one to get notifications from the watch
    01-07-2016 11:36 PM

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