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    I've never had problems with my Wifi on my Samsung Galaxy S5 until these past couple of weeks (maybe it's related to the recent upgrade? Not sure if that's when the problems started.). I use my wifi just fine on my laptop, connected to the same wifi as on my s5, but on the s5 pages take several minutes to load, often they don't load at all, e-mail won't update, instagram won't load pictures. I keep having to turn off wifi to use my phone and it's killing my data. I performed a factory reset yesterday, and also emptied the cache, neither has solved the problem. Anyone else having this issue, or know of a fix? Do I just need to undo the recent android update?
    01-09-2016 11:49 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    You could try to reflash the stock rom
    01-10-2016 12:04 AM

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