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    (I have heard that other people have been getting something similar but not the same as my thing).
    Im pretty sure my phone (samsung galaxy core prime) has a malware and what it does is it - 1. Sometimes says Firewall service for a few seconds, other people have been getting this too but i have more than just that. 2. It says Launcher loading and i cant do anything for 1-10 minutes average. 3. Usualy after those two it installs random apps, for example - Du speed booster, Du battery saver, Some kind of screen lock thing, Mico, some game called Piano tiles 2, ect. So i installed AVG antivirus free and it showed that i have 3 malvare programs - first was Firewall service it said malvare under it, second is Time service also AVG called it malvare just like the 1st one, and then the third thing is Security service which said intrusive adware. So that is the problem, i have tried going into Settings > Application manager > Running apps and disabling the 3 malvare programs but the only one that disapeared (from running programs) was Security service, the other two just were there again after like 3 minutes . Also they are "pre-installed apps" so cant just delete them but i have root so i tried using No bloat free to uninstall system programs but the same thing happens, it says its uninstalled but if i check its still there. I dont know what else to do this seems like 3 different problems at once . (1. The Firewall service, 2. Launcher loading and 3. It installs apps by itself)
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    01-10-2016 01:48 AM

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