1. AC Question's Avatar
    I turned developer mode on need it off
    01-10-2016 09:39 AM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Do you mean the developer options? If so, there's a toggle on top of that screen where you can switch them off and reset all options to their default values.

    If you want to completely get rid of them in your settings list you need to clear data in settings - apps - all tab - settings. In some devices only a factory reset can eliminate them from the list. As you can imagine there's a price for these two options, not sure if you want to pay it
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    01-10-2016 10:01 AM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    To have Developer Options enabled is harmless, even if switched on. Occasionally those options are useful, and it's better to be aware of their existence for just those occasions. But you can simply switch them off.
    01-10-2016 12:04 PM

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