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    I got a G4 H815 yesterday and when I turned it on for the first time it started downloading updates, restarting after each one. But when the updates finished, the handset is still on android 5.1, I thought it should be 6.0. So I did a bit of searching and found a few posts about updating via LG Bridge.

    So I installed LG Bridge and when I ran a software update check, LG Bridge said the phone software is up to date. I then clicked a link on the LG Bridge "update error recovery". This ran some sort of check on the phone, before starting an update 1.65GB in size. My phone then restarted in update mode and installed the update. Beneath the update % bar there was a black dialog box and although the text in this box was mostly too dark for me to tell what it said, I could makeout LGH815AT.V10E.GLOBAL (I think). The software info shows the software version as V10e.234.10. But when the software update finished, the phone rebooted and now it still shows the same soaftware version.

    I have tried adb to get my device id but the list of devices in adb is blank, "adb reboot bootloader" fails and I cannot get the phone into bootloader mode using VOL UP+PWR and connect USB cable after a few seconds. The screen either boots to a white screen with a barcode or just boots to the launsher. USB Debugging and OEM Unlock are both enabled.

    The phone is meant to be factory unlocked and has no branding whatsoever.
    01-10-2016 10:03 AM
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    I recommend joining as a member - you'll be welcome - so that you can post in the G4 forum and find more info on LG Bridge from other users' experiences of it.
    01-10-2016 10:34 AM

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