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    I'm wondering about is LG V10 worth it? I'm needing an upgrade over my current HTC One M8 and looking hugely for this phone. However, in the upcoming rumours LG G5 seems to have too small of an display (really liking the V10's 5.7 inch display). As well as the fact that LG has said to make the LG V10(2) with its own NUCLUN 2 ship, and it making it purposely not the "flagship"-phone....

    + The LG V10 is coming to Finland this month, within the week or two. (So in here atleast its a pretty new phone in here)

    What i like about the V10 is everyhting else but the SD808, is it powerfull enough? I'm definately not a HC gamer in my phone. Maybe some angry birds etc sometimes, but more of an multitasking user. + I'm a PC-enthusiast so i like my gadgets snappy
    01-11-2016 09:39 AM
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    The LG V10 is a really good phone. There’s a lot of reading you can do here to hopefully help you make a decision: LG V10 | Android Central

    There’s already rumblings on the internet about what the LG “G5” will be shipped with. Note that it likely won’t be available until spring or early part of summer. If you can wait that long and it’s worth the wait then perhaps do it. Otherwise, the LG V10 is a solid device among LGs current offerings.
    01-11-2016 10:17 AM

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