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    Ok So i Have the lg g stylo. Ok its a great phone, not much lag, big size, good storage right? The only problem i have are the Equalizer problem! I have several different apps testing it out, but right now Poweramp works the best. The problem is, that the Equalizer SHUTS OFF, when i lock the screen or leave the app. The music still plays, but the equalizer shuts off. I go in the app, turn off and on the equalizer, go to app info, force stop it, restart the phone, and nothing works. sometimes whenever i clear the app cache, the equalizer works for a bit, then shuts off. Ive used Equalizer+, Shuttle, BlackPlayer, and Equalizer, and nothing works. Poweramp works only, and stays on. i DONT want to Hard Reset my phone and i really dont want to use Poweramp forever. One thing to note, The LG G Stylo does not have the MusicFX app or the SoundAlive app, no FX for music app, so what to do!? Ive noticed this problem on Built-In Speaker, Headphones, And Rarely on Bluetooth speakers. Also, i dont have any external apps that force stop apps to clear memory, like Clean Master. Thanks in advance!
    01-11-2016 03:06 PM

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