1. Fulani Filot's Avatar
    Does reducing the number of desktop shortcuts (of apps) improve an Android phone's performance (reducing sluggishness and lag; speeding up responsiveness)?

    I know this helps immensely on Windows PCs hence my asking if the same applies to Android devices.

    I recently had to do a factory reset of my phone just to de-clog it and have reinstalled only the most vital apps needed to make the phone meaningful to me. Despite using roughly half of its internal memory, the 1GB RAM phone is so slow that sometimes I feel like throwing it against a brick wall at high velocity.

    01-13-2016 12:06 AM
  2. grover5's Avatar
    Which phone do you have?
    01-13-2016 05:00 PM
  3. _YoKolorMeBadd's Avatar
    What phone is this?
    01-13-2016 08:38 PM
  4. sictheangel's Avatar
    Is it one of those "budget phones"? Cuz if so, there's not much you can do that will help, unfortunately. I kind of had one before my current one (Nexus 6), and it was infuriatingly slow sometimes. It was snappier than my mom's, though, which was a true budget phone: cheap, inexpensive and oh soooo slow. Switching between apps took a long time, launching a new one took even longer, etc. Not to mention, hardly any space at all for apps. A factory reset helped somewhat, but only temporarily.
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    01-15-2016 04:03 PM
  5. tekjunkie28's Avatar
    Disable any apps you dont use if u can. That about the only option. Maybe restart the phone daily? Idk. Try it and see
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    01-20-2016 11:56 AM
  6. Fulani Filot's Avatar
    Sorry for my late response, I'm becoming far less attracted to using my phone due to its slow-motion performance.

    Mine is a Samsung Galaxy Core GT-I8262; 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory that the Android 4.1.2 gobbled nearly half of
    01-29-2016 09:29 AM

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