1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    I want to read a pdf on my moto 360. I've installed the app "reader" and "file manager".

    But when I want to enter in the storage or the SDcard with file manager i've got this messsage : "storage inaccessible" or "sdcard inaccessible".
    Do you know how I can read a document which is on my phone ? I've tried to send it to myself by e-mail but i can't open it cause I can't download it.

    Thanks for your help ! and sorry about my english ^^
    01-14-2016 08:27 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!

    I’m not sure that the Moto 360 has access to the SD card to view those files. You’ll need to access those files via the phone to read the PDF.
    01-14-2016 10:11 AM

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