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    I have to buy a phone. Moto G 2nd gen defines my needs very well. But in addition to that I require IR blaster for having fun. And a fingerprint scanner (so others can't access my phone). I have shortlisted 3 phones. 1 lenovo k4 note(11200/-) 2 Samsung galaxy s5 octa core (21500/-) 3 HTC one ME(28800/-). I am a heavy user, likes to play games, but don't like photography much. Which phone shall I buy? I don't wanna regret afterwards in buying an expensive phone like ME or S5 ,if a phone with same specs launched at a very cheap price. Also I am having a budget of 20k and can extend it for ME, shall I go for it.. Or just be happy with k4 note and save some money and ignore the IR blaster..

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    01-16-2016 07:06 AM

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