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    I can't even say the Android system is 'bad', because there seems to be something else there... I have it on two devices and this kind of disturbed A. I. keeps showing everywhere. I avoid at all cost rebooting my phone, because every time I do it, something 'funny', that will rob over half an hour of my time (plus internet traffic) happens. For instance, the apps, which I arrange in a neat and meaningful way on the display, are never to be found the same way again. Shortcuts will disappear, everything goes messy. Now, just two problems, to be more specific:

    1) I had to move Gmail to the SD card a couple of days ago. This morning, as one of my apps would not open, no matter what I did, I decided to reboot the phone. When it was on again... Oh man, Gmail was GONE ALTOGETHER from the phone! As if I had uninstalled it!! Now I am trying to download it again and it's NOT working!

    2) By the way, the problem was caused by the fact that this brilliant system is always running on "insufficient storage". I have bought a 16GB SD card, of which at least 12GB are free, and every time I want to install a new app I get this 'insufficient storage' alert, and have to go through the ritual of clearing cache, and trying to move whatever is still on the phone to the SD card. That, my dear friends, when I have checked the SD card as my preferred storage location. Now, it does take a very mean A. I. to keep choosing exactly the wrong place to install stuff in this context, right? How can I get around this sweet little problem for good, if it's ever possible?

    I am a victim of Android 4.4.2 on a Blu Life Play 2 device, by the way. Thank you in advance.
    01-18-2016 05:51 AM

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