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    I lost my 10 days old new phone 2 days back near my office.
    Yesterday while on monitoring Android device manager, I found the phone online.

    And I had whatsapp enabled on my phone.

    So, I sent a message with a girl's id (which i created as new contact with my google account) and within few minute that person who is the suspicious called on my number,

    from truecaller, I knew his name and confirmed he is the person who live nearby my office and actually is a big gun (gunda) and thief of our area..

    This person was recently caught by police for allegedly thefting in Panasonic TV & AC show room, so he is a thief & don by his acts.

    So, the funda is I can not directly ask and even I tell him that he has my phone he will not agree and in return he will start fighting and do unexpected, this thing will make a long revenge situation.

    And one more thing gps is also turned off on the phone, and as that thief has got some hint that I, the owner is trying to find him, he might delete my google account and then after I can not even monitor or trace him through android deivce manager.

    So, I am confused what to do now?
    My phone last online was 15 hours ago as I can see from google dashboard.

    Please help. Thanks in advance.

    any way to contact this gun & thief..
    01-18-2016 08:15 PM
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    Contact your local police department and file a report. Give them all the information you have and let them take it from there. Don't take it upon yourself to retrieve the device.
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    01-18-2016 08:45 PM
  3. noor7300's Avatar
    Ok, bro. thanks for your reply.
    I will try to implement it..
    01-18-2016 09:53 PM
  4. noor7300's Avatar
    By the way, the question was asked by me as guest and later I registered on the forum.
    I am still puzzled:
    as that person knows that the phone is mine, his shop is just 20 meter away from my office and also from the photos from my phone he would have known that the phone is mine,
    so the problem is that if police goes to his place for investigation and find nothing (as he is a thief he may hand over to any one to his gang) and then he backfire on me, why you suspected me?
    than the things may go bad.
    I am seriously fall in the bad mud...
    I know him, the thief, but can not do any thing....

    by the way, I have one more plan, as and when he is online, I can put a ring through Android device manager and then my person will go in his shop and then catch him red handed with the phone, this way seems much suitable. What you think bro?
    01-18-2016 09:58 PM

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