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    I have a Galaxy Note 2, no sim card due to it being my husband's old phone. I had my storage space symbol pop up one day and I must've deleted some files I shouldn't have because afterwards I couldn't see any of my photo's . ( Although it still said how many photos i had in each album, it just had a black screen where my pictures should have been). Still said i had the same number of pictures, though. While trying for day's to find the deleted files, I hit default which deleted all my files in my gallery. I don't have access to a computer to hook my phone up to, and didn't back up any of the photo's before hitting delete. I will say, after hitting default, it now shows any pictures i take, unlike days prior where it wouldnt allow me to open any of them, after my storage space acrew up. Am i screwed, are my photo's gone for good, or can I get them back? I don't know much about technology, very upset because I had over 6 years of photo's on my phone, almost 2000.Any aanswers to let me know would be great.
    01-26-2016 09:37 AM
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    Recovery of deleted files on internal memory is difficult. There are some apps, DiskDigger, Easeus, Android Recovery, etc. They require rooting the phone. Also, the more the phone has been used since deleting, the poorer the chances of recovery. That's because the chances of the photo data - which is actually initially still there, not erased, more like marked for deletion - being overwritten increase with use. Once overwritten then it really is gone. The process of rooting the phone itself could even cause overwriting of some data.

    However, if that pop-up was a warning about a failure of the memory, then the chances of success may be even lower.

    Anyway, IF the data has not been overwritten and IF you're willing to root the phone and IF you're willing to buy the software, and IF the phone did not suffer a malfunction, then maybe you can recover at least some of your photos.

    Sorry I can't give you a more positive answer. From now on remember - backups backups backups!
    01-26-2016 11:12 AM
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    The free version of Disk Digger will recover pictures - you need the paid version for any other files.

    But, as Crashdamage said, with having to root the phone, install Disk Digger and having used the phone since the incident, the odds of recovering much are slim.

    Which is why you should always have a backup of any important files. You don't need a computer. Use Google Drive or Mega to store backups. (I actually keep a backup on each - one in each hemisphere, so even if California slides into the Pacific, I still have a good backup in New Zealand.) Back up new pictures, documents, data, etc., at lest once a week. It only takes a few minutes. (And buy an SD card. 32GB SanDisk cards [they're the only brand I'll use] are only about $10 now. Keep a backup on the card too. Old computer saying - "too many backups is a meaningless phrase".)
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    01-26-2016 12:33 PM

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