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    Hello, SO I am SUPER annoyed.

    I have my favourite music app, and in my opinion the only one that works. Down side is when I have it on my phone it causes pops ups. So, I like to download it when I need music then uninstall again. Problem is I cannot find it!! I believe is it called Free Mp3 Music Downloads - or something along those lines. EVERY SEARCH in the play store, whether I am searching "music", "free mp3", "free music downloads" or "free mp3 downloads" I get the SAME apps at the top, then I get a bunch of ****ty music apps that are very similar in the name and picture of the one I like but they are all ****. You can tell when they have 5 reviews and 100 downloads. WHY ARE THESE HERE. Why is it so god damn hard to find the app I use, honestly I am starting to regret even getting an android, it should not be this hard.
    01-28-2016 05:09 PM

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