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    First of all, hello everyone. Recently i reset my Zte Blade Q Maxi to factory settings, the before i was even able to set up the language when i turned my phone on, com. Google. Apps wascrashing, ads popping up, etc. I was sure that was a virus sticked to my android 4.2.2 jelly. I went experimenting in custom CWM and formated /system . I was able to flash a custom rom, 4.4.4 kitkat. At that moment, when i turned it on, everything seemed ok, but then in the file explorer (not root explorer, but the explorer that you by default get on ur phone) , i noticed a problem. My phone was showing my sdcard as internal storage. I was sure about that because i know my phone has 2gb of internal and the sdcard has 8gb. For the internal storage it said 8gb total, 3,4 free. That and other bugs made me install another cusrom rom, 4.2.2 jellybean with lollipop 5.0 ui. Everything went well with the other bugs, but the internal/sdcard storage was still there. The phone installs apps on internal, but the data on sdcard. Ur probably asking urselves : "why is that a bad thing, isn't more memory off internal a good thing? "; well here's the thing.... The internal is still showed in options, but file manager or pc not. I can see hom
    W much memory is left there, but i can only clean it by uni stalling apps, but theres a problem too, even if i uninstall apps, internal storage is still getting eaten by something, i can't clean it up with clean master, cuz clean master only detected the sdcard as internal too. So every 3 days i need to reset my phone because of this error. Also, when i open ES file Explorer, my phone is rooted and i turned on the rlot option in ES file Explorer, when i open sdcard0 (this should be the internal storage) ot shows the content of the sd card, but if i open the sdcard1 folder (this should be the sd card folder) it's empty. Please if anyone can help me, then please help! Can i stay at this ROM and fix the bug ? Keep in mind that i have the custom CWM

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    01-28-2016 07:18 PM
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    UPDATE : here are some screenshots, hope this will help you help me.......

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    Attached Thumbnails Android mixed sdcard and internal storage-screenshot_2016-01-29-01-52-07.jpg  
    01-28-2016 07:32 PM
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    UPDATE (AGAIN) : Didnt post those screenshots up there. The last picture is actually showin the stats of sdcard, tha 3rd of internal, and the firs is showing sdcard as internal....

    Attachment 214812
    Attachment 214813
    Attachment 214814
    Android mixed sdcard and internal storage-screenshot_2016-01-29-01-52-07.jpg

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    01-28-2016 07:36 PM

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