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    Hello community, I need help for my phone, my phone is Acer E380

    So recently I watched a video in youtube and suddenly the phone freezes, but i can still turn the screen off and after a sec the phone shows the boot animation, so i left it for about 5 minutes

    After 5 minutes, i went back to my phone and its still showing the same! So im doing a hard shutdown by pressing Volume up, Volume down and power button altogether, and it turns off

    After turning it on, when booting it says that android is upgrading, and optimizing apps 0 out of 101

    After i waited for a couple minutes, my phone feels like soft resetted, applications remains there but the home and recent task button is not working, status bar does not show any notification, quick toggles are not responding, and data in every apps (like chat logs, save games, notes and etc) is completely gone

    I lost my important notes, and the main problem is, my status bar doesn't show any notifications, quick toggles are not responding, power button menu only show minimal button (Power off and Reboot only) and Home and Recent task button not working

    is there any solutions to fix that?

    And also is there any possibilities to restore all lost data?

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    02-04-2016 04:51 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. You did a factory reset, so all data is lost. That's the purpose of a factory reset.

    2. It sounds as if there's a hardware problem. The phone has to go into the shop.
    02-04-2016 06:45 AM

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