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    Two months ago I was screwed over by Verizon (that's a whole different story!) so I made the switch to AT&T Go (couldn't be happier as far as the AT&T customer service goes.) I bought a prepaid "starter kit" that came with a Lumia 640 and standard size SIM card.
    I already had the Note 5 from Verizon. It's not blacklisted, the IMEI is clean.
    As a majority of people who I've read about having issues when doing a switch like this, they can't get their MMS or data to work properly. Which is what I'm running into issues with. I've tried every possible APN setting, even for other carriers. I've also replaced the SIM card (still AT&T Go) I've also spent ~6 hours on the phone with AT&T customer support (which is why I can say they're great. At least with trying to help.)
    Of all the APN settings, new SIM cards and hours talking to customer support as well as trying everything I could find on various forums, I still am unable to send or receive MMS messages and occasionally my data will not exist.
    As of two days ago, I intermittently can't make/receive phone calls. As I learned tonight, that also applies to text (SMS) I reset my phone, and got flooded with the past 2 days of messages. Man did that confuse my phone!

    Anyways, I'm hoping that someone has some ideas other than "get an AT&T/T-Mobile Note 5" or "switch over to Verizon prepaid" I will not do the later of the two. I will have the worst service imaginable or even no phone (which I need for work!) before I use any of Verizons services!

    Looking forward to some (hopefully) helpful replies!!

    Thanks Verizon for the lies and a $3900 bill
    02-05-2016 02:25 AM

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