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    Hello, I recently downloaded and installed the update for my LG G4. The file was sent from the provider, roughly 900mb and boasted of improved applications and battery optimization (Possibly an update to the latest Andriod system - Marshmallow).

    After the installation the phone no longer boots past the LG splash page and it continues to loop. I've attempted to enter recovery and safe mode by pressing the power button down while holding the volume up button, releasing and then holding once more however I have had no luck.

    Every now and the phone boots all the full way to the home page for a brief second then restarts. I've been able to see brief notification of 'Storage capacity full' pops up before it restarts.

    Could the internal storage be full and causing issues? Shouldn't the phone have notified me of the lack of space before the installation?

    I'd really like to solve this issue without having to wipe all the data. I recently went on a 3 month trip of Asia and I thought all my pictures were backed up to Google but it only appears half were as Google hasn't been syncing my pictures for the last month of my trip.

    Any information how to fix this issue or retreive my pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    02-06-2016 09:42 AM

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