1. Trutty148's Avatar
    Got this new phone s6 in october. Had it in for service from dec to jan 2016 and problem not resolved.
    Very very frustrating...out of the blue when im texting, online or fb...doesnt seem to matter....I'll be txtg and all of a sudden the pg will slightly vibrate and the txting window decreases on screen....i try to tap the small window to pull it up again ...it comes back to full size and goes back. I can literally hold the phone in one palm and watch it go through this whole process of zooming in and out...if i have any other windows open they all take turns popping up and back to small windows. Sometimes lately the split screen participates. I have all of the motions and gestures off...all off in accessibility. Prior to having it serviced i took it to rogers location i got it from. Even the sales guy was witnessing it and was saying...no thats not suppose to happen...he wiped it and rebooted...still happening..then he installed an anti toggle for split screen...the split screen seem to be disabled but this weird vibration...zooming in and out keeps happening. If there was any predictability to it id record with my hubbys reliable iphone but have not had the opportunity. When sent in for service it was wiped and rebuilt but no one seems to understand what im seeing here. I use this phone for work and personal and to have to send it in again us a huge huge huge inconvenience. Ive read hours worth of forums, blogs and all those sites but cannot identify the problem im having. Im pretty good with finding settings and i like the customization but this might be a deal breaker..omg...it just happened again...now ...and it was homescreen on bottom and then facebook all of a sudden pops on the screen...however it doesnt always toggle the screen...can anyone help with this madness????
    02-06-2016 04:46 PM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    Where did you buy the phone? If it's happening constantly and you're in the US, take it to a Bestbuy so a Samsung rep can see what's going on. At least this way there can be a record of the problem. Samsung should replace the phone. Unfortunately, you'll probably get a refurb.
    02-06-2016 05:43 PM
  3. Trutty148's Avatar
    Hi...no samsung stores here that i am aware if...southern Ontario Canada. Got the phone with rogers...i think ill try recording...i find it hard to explain...seeing is beleiving. The retail store isnt worth the time I'll have to call ssmsung tech support. Another lengthy call....for such expensive phones. ..a necessary evil i suppose. Thx for replying...if you happen to come across anything keep me in mind. Thx
    02-06-2016 05:53 PM

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