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    Hi. I have random reboot problem on my note 3. Screen freezes (gaming, settings, menu or idle) and reboots when i have installed ANY costom ROM or Kernel. I noticed screen freezes mostly when Synapse app is installed with Kernel, second notice phone freezes then my favourite PegasusQ governor is applied. Phone was working perfectly without any issue on official 5.0 with Minimalistic kernel, no issues about whole year (no synapse). Phone was two times in warranty. First time they instaled stock KK firmware and replaced micro usb port (that whole part in note3 ) ?? , second time simply installed stock Lollipop. And then everything starts from beggining...

    Yesterday I zipped all LOGS with SysLog app when random reboot appeared (i was on synapse changing governor from interactive to precognition). If it helps reboot happened yesterday after 02:00 hour.

    Zip here: dropbox.com/s/a3svst1yhh...11.20.zip?dl=0

    Warranty didn't fixed that so I hope real developers will detect what couses this RR.
    Sorry for bad English

    My phone is now on Phronesis ROM, CivZ_Xplorer-9005-Rev5.0.3-note5port Kernel
    02-10-2016 09:35 AM

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