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    The HTC One I used to have allowed me to set songs as ring tones from my music library. The Turbo does not have that capability it has a limited selection. Maybe there is an app I could use.
    02-11-2016 09:44 PM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    It won't allow you to use them as ringtones for calls, notifications or neither? My HTC M9 doesn't seem to want to allow anything for notifications, but seems pretty open to calls. Anyway what have you tried? Will it allow you to use your library to set individual ringtones for contacts? This would be done by opening your contacts or people app, selecting a contact and in the details choosing a ringtone exclusive to that contact. Have you looked at apps? Zedge or something like that has an internal feature for setting ringtones. This or something like it could solve you issue. Two things tho; Zedge will let you set your own personal selected and cut ringtones but you have to start an account and upload them to their site, I think they may share then also just fyi and the other thing is when it sets a tone it sets it as the default. I mention the latter because when I was trying to use it I only wanted to set an individual tone for something but my options we're all or nothing.

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    02-11-2016 10:27 PM

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