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    My recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S6. It worked fine for about 2 days, then it started saying that I was "Roaming" inside my house. I'm with US Cellular, so I called their 611 helpline. They talked me through a few thing to try over the phone, but could not figure out the problem and told me to take it back to the store, which I did. The store associate tried to find the problem, but also could not figure it out, so they assumed it was a faulty phone and replaced it with another S6. Same thing happened again...after a couple of days, it again said that I was "Roaming"...but only inside my house. I took that phone back to the store and they replaced it again, this time, with a Samsung Note5. Same thing happened...AGAIN! I have not even bothered to take this phone back, because obviously, there has to be another issue, other than the phone. My first smart phone was a Samsung Galaxy S4...no problem with "Roaming". I later upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5...again, no problem, until I upgraded. I haven't moved, I live in the same house and I'm well within my network area. The only change has been the phone. It's really frustrating, because I'm missing calls and text messages and no one can explain to me what is going on!
    02-12-2016 09:18 AM

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