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    I am on a pay as you go with No internet where I am and my roaming is off but between Tuesday of this week I had £26.75 on my phone and today I had £22.50. I did have one day where there were notifications of received emails which I DIDNT open and again why did this happen when I have no internet

    I purchased my one plus two phone last month
    02-12-2016 12:21 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hi there. If you're receiving notifications then your phone IS connected to the mobile network. Even if you don't open them, most apps download a portion of the data (like e-mails) for quick viewing. It also means that most likely all apps you have that are syncing (e-mail, messaging, weather apps, location, etc.) are using up data resources.

    If you go to your phone's Mobile Data report you should see a breakdown of what's been using data lately and also turn off the Mobile Data switch entirely. Also check in your Mobile Network Settings that the Data Roaming option is not turned on.
    02-12-2016 12:54 PM

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