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    I recently got an EVO 4G, it was free so i'm not one for complaining but...
    When i tried to download anything from the market, it'd get stuck at Starting Download.
    I noticed a notification saying something about "Google talk" which im guessing, the error generated due to the move to G+.
    Anyways, i figured i'd just work around the infinite loop of "Downloading" from the android market and grab the APK and install with HTC Sync.
    I went to settings to make sure i could install non-market APK's, it's all fine.
    I went and checked the internal storage, and it says i have space on my phone, but when i tried to install facebook from HTC sync, it told me there was no space.
    I look at the main Sync screen and it says my phone doesn't have any free space at all?
    It's confusing as hell to me, how my phone says there's storage available but the HTC Sync application seems to think not.
    02-13-2016 05:28 AM

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