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    Okay, I'll admit this was not the brightest thing we did as parents. But our kid got a new Wii U game and had run out of space on the hard drive. Not having a lot of cash laying around, we had this not-so-bright idea that we could use an old phone we had laying around as a powered "drive" if we threw an SD chip in it and use it until payday. We set the sucker up to be a Mass Storage Device presuming it would copy to the SD chip and happily plugged it into the Wii U. Will U was more than glad to format it and subsequently copy over all our kid's saved games freeing up enough storage to play his shiny new game.
    Then disaster struck. Turns out, the Mass Storage setting on the Droid 3 uses the SIM and not the SD (things that make you go WTH?)! So once the phone was disconnected from the Wii U, the phone said "there is literally nothing on the internal storage that I can read" because it's now in proprietary Nintendo-speak. No PC can see this part of the phone's memory now, either. It's as if it's blank.
    But we KNOW there is a ton of Wii U data there. If it had gone to the freaking SD card we would have already pulled it out and copied to the new 165 GB hard drive he has now using a USB card reader stick. But since that didn't happen...here we are.
    So what we have done so far is tried using Flashboot and then ADB but apparently, ADB doesn't work on this older phone. I spent the last two days getting the correct drivers which do seem to be alright now but ADB never sees a device. Further research revealed that older Motorola phones had this stuff locked down and so ADB is probably useless.
    Is there anything else we can do? Some sort of binary copy that can get past the fact that the phone is playing gatekeeper telling all devices that there is nothing on the internal storage now?
    HELP! My kid is going to kill me.
    02-13-2016 02:34 PM
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    I'm the original guru who asked this question and wanted to give an update. I *did* eventually get ADB to work after uninstalling about 100 versions of ADB drivers that lingered and installing one directly from Motorola's website. In any case, using the pull command, I still cannot get at the data. I see it in the logs as corruption, but cannot seem to get at it. Still need help if anyone has any ideas!
    02-13-2016 08:39 PM

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