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    someone hacked my samsung tab e at the roots and i cant do anything with it if i try to factory reset it goes back to the code that they installed and when i reboot it says im not the owner of the tablet no more
    02-13-2016 07:55 PM
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    Reflash the stock ROM (see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN).

    (Depending on how important the data on that tab is, you might also want to consider hiring an attorney. If you're in the US, unauthorized access to ANY computer is a federal crime, meaning that you automatically win any civil suit for damage recovery.)
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    Reflash the stock ROM (see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN).

    (Depending on how important the data on that tab is, you might also want to consider hiring an attorney. If you're in the US, unauthorized access to ANY computer is a federal crime, meaning that you automatically win any civil suit for damage recovery.)
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    02-13-2016 10:07 PM
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    Simular issue, but much worse!!! I have been remotley hacked now for almost a year. I have gone thru 20+ cell phones 5+ bank accounts 4 credit cards, AND still im missing over 4k, in murchandise from Amazon, and cannot reach anyone period point blank via phone nor the net. My/this hack scares me to death, because who knows how many other people DONT know whats goin on with google thats destroying their lives!!!! Its not just google either, it happened on my iphone too!!! Not sure how its happens, but literally someone, something, or some agency/group is out for my life incarceration!!!! I HATE Google Open Source Licensing, its the biggest free hack world corruption ive ever seen in my life, in the blink of an eye that literally noone knows about!!! Developers can install normal google applications on your device (comes thru your google play as an ordinary update, you would never know in a million years you were hacked, rooted, and now completly monitored, watched, listened too, and remotley followed 24/7.) That appear to just be a random ol update of some sort, but truthfully, because of google open source licensing, these developer(s) can inbed everything and anything they want in that application along with changinging Kernal, permissions, and certificates. Not only that, TERMS AND AGREEMENTS have been changed and say that NOONE is at fault (except yourself) for using this device, because the software is wrote "as is" and that you cannot hold ANYONE accountable for anything that happens while opporating that device, and what ever basically happens while your using that device only 'you' are reaponsible for. That tid bit there is changed remotley on your device and changed with out your knowledge. Now from literally 18mon of research and getting know where, this remote hack is screwing my life up... I was being used (my device) as a remote DNS host for thousands of phone numbers all linked to Scams going around my REGION. Not only that, compressed .jpegs (were talking hundreds of jpegs compressed into a file no larger then 3MB max) of minor females were hidden in the system under a partition that you typically do not see or will ever see, or have access too unless you download the correct app(s) that will get you there.. Not in your typical /disk:, /legacy:, or even /emulated: partitions, that you can normally see. I SEARCHED like hell snooping and found this.(I DO NOT WATCH PORN). Well theres too much i can go on about and have more info on corp, and individual hacks and security flaws that not even the damn FBI have knowledge of... AND all this 18mon ago was like flipping open a chapter book in 15 different languages..... Not to mention, one time I watched Walmart partake in what I told him spacificlly NOT to do while programming my phone, OR he will open the window to me being rooted again, all by what he failed to do. And yep, during activation, he pulled out a Samsung S3 "work phone" (this root travels thru Samsung Devices) that was already programmed but just a phone they use to make test calls, he set it next to my phone (at that time a ZTE Lever by Straight Talk) and kept watchin over his sholder to see where I was, and if i watched him or not. And followed directions from some random phone call that came in AS i made my exchange!!! Received my phone after exchanging it, turned it off, powered on and held down vol up, home, and power button, down until decelopers mode appeared, and yeup already it showed in back ups that the root was installed, restored, and refreshed software already (maybe 10min after having phone in hand) This root hack is soo clean and un noticable (because it uses all your standard apps you have stock, including downloaded apps, and google open source has a license agreement, "as is" for EVERY free software on the Google Android network. Your ONLY safe apps, are those that are paid for, OR locking bioas system, when apps are installed.... these croocked hackers are putting false "ID" numbers in after version numbers (if a developer alters or changes any google app, they are to follow the version number by date, and 5 digit ID number, or just ID number that they can be identified by. Well they are using false ID numbers and taking phone(s), account(s), and lives away daily by those convicted in Court of items found on cell phones that they truely DID NOT do, but neive prosecuters have no idea just how serious they really are from this currupt world!!!

    OOOHHHH KAY... sorry, my thumbs couldnt stop typing!!! Have questions, feel free to ask, the network of "silent hackers" could be linked and sitting next to you and you wouldnt have any idea!!! (I say this because my kids mom at the time played 4yrs of idk how to do anything on a smartphone.............. (4yrs later) except log ur every cough, sneeze, location, fart, ****, when u ****, filter ur audio calls, delete pics when ever media, turn ur audio on for however long, make ur camera flash go nuts, delete content on memory cards, OH and log your screen so your passwords to everything are saved, your account info for everything are saved, "oh you were on your phone constantly for 2hrs last night", "Why did your battery charge only to a 68%", "So, flirting with that blonde, in the red skirt with 2 kids at the grocery store huh?", " You walked thru that door, not the other doors"..... YEAH PSYCHO!!! Well folks it takes less then 90 seconds, via Samsung phone.. Also not to mention, my phones have all been mirrored 3-7x per phone. Giving 7 ppl my exact phone software, kernal, and programmed info on theirs, so were all using "1"phone, yet noone lags or knows the difference unless u enable developers tools, and enable screen touch, you will see your screen being touched at random times when your not even touching it. Closing apps, opening them, STARTING HIDDEN GESTURES by MAC (apple) that are linked to Linux. Alot of Federal employees use these hidden Apple gestures on their iphones when, recording screen (stop and play) downloading page info. Starting/Stopping audio, hidden video, and GPS location. Its all hidden on Samsung Devices (older ones with linux forsure) and any Linux wrote software it comes on!!!

    So NOW, does anyone know how to delete a custom rom, that will not delete during master reset (bothways), and has blocked entire system basically from stock permissions, apps, etc? I kinda seen theres a way you can use command prompt (not familiar with) and "kill" that partition, or Root file?? I just need to somehow remove this root (not sure name, or rooting device, have seen in login infos tho its being done thru MAC), And reinstall factory OS. Reboot phone, create restore point, AND lock bioas system so nothing else can remotley hack, install them selves onto phone, AND have that data backed up on gmail so it doesnt carry thru my account!!! Lol if that makes sense, please please help me, I cannot afford $200-$700 "disposable" smart phones that need thrown away once memory is full because system wont delete cashe, or junk. Unless mster reset... HELP!!!!! :-)

    Dominick - SGN4
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    02-16-2016 03:56 PM
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    Whoa wow my brain hurts now xD

    02-16-2016 04:37 PM
  6. promisruvsorrow01's Avatar
    haa yaaaaa seems to be the norm about this intrusive and just wrong on every possible level i have been working in this environment well i should say not an IT work anyways from home to do that i have a secure location never log on any forum or email account you may own and leave your smart phone home off and battery outi do know 90 % of how its being done only problem is the more savey you are the more intelligent the software that are being operated by a human becomes the software is doing most of all the work its an exploit that starts at the network so you gotta work from their down its alot of exploits most arent new 1 of their favs is the .png file to do a redirect to a phishing site usualuy this is for devices on say windows a cold boot attack or straight bios attack are used and the phishing attack is a combo attack that is also using your HTTP REFERER HEADER MIXING PHP WITH HTML IM IN A REAL HURRY i will post more when free i just joined gotta alot of info to share
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    03-27-2016 09:20 PM
  7. 01Tesa's Avatar
    My god someone else out their who is and has experienced allmost everything that I have except for, well actually Idont even know ,but have you ever heard of or ever experienced something called Organized Gang Stalking ?Look in up on youtube , carefull alot of mis. Info, but allso a ton off stories just like ours !!
    04-17-2016 06:22 PM
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    Dang , I've been going through exact same thing for like 3yrs now.. ex girlfriend started putting them on while we were together. Then never take them off after we break up for few months
    I've not had any control over any phones or service from metro , boost. Att, iPhones. Every girl I've had gives up an leaves cause the dont believe me of course at first but there phones get worse an worse. All she needs is someone phone ## or google , or email around me . An she can an will infect my phone over again. Right now I have a galaxy A20
    Its rooted an has 300 android factory apps installed. They all say same release date an last updated all same
    The app takes over most apps I do install an makes them for whatever it wants .. it defends its if you try an d pi download anti spyware it redirects you for hrs . Shuts browsers down if I try to look up names an computer talk I cant understand. She infects every thing wifi BLE or internet connected
    Please someone help me.. when it first started every tech an phone company told me it was impossible but now they starting to believe me
    But they still not helping me
    10-13-2019 04:27 PM

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