1. AC Question's Avatar
    At first the blue line started going across the screen then stop after about 30 seconds and nothing happened, nothing came up saying it couldn;t download, I went to all apps and it doesn't show the play store. Which I thought was strange and It's got a good connection to wifi.
    02-13-2016 09:12 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What do you mean it doesn't show the Play Store? Did the Play Store disappear from the App Drawer?

    Try going to Settings>Apps>All, select Google Play Store, and Clear Cache/Clear Data, then Force Stop. Do the same for Download Manager. Now try again.

    If that doesn't work, try going to Settings>Accounts-Google, select your Google account, and remove it completely from the phone. Then add it back again, and see if that helps.
    02-14-2016 12:19 AM

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