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    So I've been a huge smartphone hobbyist for the better half of 5 years now. I've switched phones so much throughout the years with 2013-2015 being the worst. I could be considered an addict. With JUMP On Demand, Swappa, eBay, etc. I've spent far too much money. I cannot count how many phones I've had on toes and fingers combined. My Google Play phone list looks like I have a problem... well I do hints why I've decided to stick with one phone at the end of 2015.

    So I grabbed myself an iPhone 6s Plus since that's what all my friends have (iOS) and figured it'd be the best phone to settle on; great apps (sometimes better), fast updates, support, iMessage with friends, facetime, etc. It was in my mind at the time, the best bet.

    Well it's been a little over two months now and I'm not satisfied... or I'm having one of those addiction craves, pre-relapse, about to fall off the wagon, type symptoms. I'm seriously itching for a new phone.

    Two of the 2015 phones I didn't own was the Nexus 6P and 5X. I played with the Nexus 6P for 24 hours, but I don't count that.

    My biggest dilemmas is my love for Android, coupled with my love for iOS. For me there's things I love and hate about both. So often I'll find myself switching from an S6 Edge to an iPhone, then back to Android in the form of an LG G4, then several other Androids, back to iPhone and so on.

    I would say I'm one of those, "confused voters" that can easily be swayed to vote in any direction when it comes to mobile technology. I'm savvy in both platforms, but mildly biased in both directions. I argue on both camps really.

    So for my final attempt to stop my phone addiction, I'm gonna own one iPhone and one Android phone. While owning an iPhone 6s Plus, would you guys recommend I just buy (wait for) a 2016 flagship phone and run it along side my iPhone 6s, or buy a Nexus 6P and run along side my Nexus 6P.

    Thanks in advance from your sad phone addict going clean

    02-17-2016 02:58 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The first step is to admit that you have a problem, so at least you have that out of the way.

    I have a 6P, and have no regrets whatsoever. Fast, fluid, great screen, tons of storage, quick updates from Google, excellent build quality. I vote for 6P.
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    02-17-2016 05:18 PM

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