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    About 50% of the time my phone's apps/programs will open and/or close on their own. Often it happens when I move the phone but it also sometimes happens when I am talking on the phone. An example, I was walking while listening to music through a bluetooth headphone using the music app. I had the phone in my sweat pant's pocket but every few minutes the music would stop and when I pulled the phone out of my pocket either the music app had closed or the bluetooth had turned off. I changed the sensitivity settings and turned off motion but it kept happening. Also the phone was the only thing in my pocket facing away from my body.

    When it is lying on the table and I slide it over or pull it out of my purse programs will suddenly open such as calendar, phone, settings, google internet, etc. Often when I am on the phone and need to go to the keypad, change to speaker or hang up, the phone app is closed and instead the calendar, weather or language settings are on the screen.

    I had a Galaxy S3 that did the same thing and thought the phone was faulty so got the S5 and still have the same problem. This is not something that happens once in a while but at least twice daily.

    Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fit it?
    02-20-2016 02:47 PM

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