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    Alright, so I've been using an external sd in my M9 for a while to hold photos, videos, etc., and with the 6.0 update, I decided to try adopting the sd card as an internal drive. I moved over my stuff, formatted the card as internal, forewent the "potential stuttering" warning, and then dropped my data back on the card. Having seen that warning, I decided to try ordering a newer, faster card. The thing came in, and here's where the trouble starts.

    I figured I could more-or-less repeat this process, but instead I could replace the old card with the new. Created an old.zip of its contents, dropped it in a folder on the internal card, ejected the old ext., and put in the new one. Then, I think it gave me a notice that it couldn't do anything with it, because it wasn't the formatted internal one. So I throw the old one back in, and I'm pretty sure it had an option to sort-of "forget" about it. So I do that, put in the new one, and I did something that brought up a message that confused me with some ambiguity. It couldn't format the new drive until I cleared the old "sd card." So I'm thinking its going to clear the associations with the old card. I tapped it and it wiped my phones freaking internal card. My media all gone! My zip backup gone! What the hell?! You would think they'd be a little bit more explicit with this! Like "hey this is going to wipe the data on the internal drive and has nothing to do with that external card you just ejected." Every storage device is an "sd card" so why not just use the unique name every time? I'm so mad. All of the apps that promise a recovery for this sort of thing require rooting, which I refuse to try and do.

    Also, the data on the old sd card is completely unattainable, because it is formatted as an internal drive still, but it isn't associated with any phone. When I tried putting it back in, my phone just asked me to put the other one in.

    And no, I don't have my data backed up, unfortunately. I guess my question is: do I have any options here?
    02-21-2016 05:43 AM

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