1. AC Question's Avatar
    when I ask it to Update say firefox, I often get a no-can-do message saying phone doesn't have enough storage capacity
    02-22-2016 11:56 PM
  2. sfoLAX's Avatar
    Some devices with low capacity only allocate app storage of about 1gb or so, iirc, even though you may have enough available storage. Also if total Storage is near full I think Android will keep a few hundred mb available even though the update may be much less than this (again from what I've read).
    You may have reached the point where you can try moving portions of apps to an sd card if you have one (this won't free all the app space) but you probably need to let some little used apps go back to your Play Store account (uninstall) or remove some big apps.

    02-23-2016 05:57 AM

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