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    A few days back, I dropped my S6 into the toilet (don't ask) where it spent a good 5 seconds before I managed to fish it out. After putting it in rice for about 3 days the phone now boots and runs but is severely misbehaving.

    Firstly, for a while, whenever I tried to use the phone it would automatically send me to Google Now (as if I was holding down the home button constantly), meaning the phone was completely unusable. The SIM card is not being registered, meaning I cannot make calls and texts but I can still use Wifi. At this time, all other functions such as the cameras, led notification light, lock button and home button were functioning however.

    After a while, it started to fluctuate. At times, the phone was usable, but at others it would go back to Google Now spamming. In the times it was usable, it wouldn't default to Google Now constantly and I could use apps like Whatsapp and Facebook provided I was on WiFi. However, during the times it was usable, the home and lock buttons would not function (including the touch buttons on either side of the home), meaning I could only go on my phone when something caused the screen to illuminate (i.e. notifications or going on/off charge) and I could only transition between apps by using the search bar in the drag-down menu.

    Now, I have reached a point where the Google Now issue seems to have disappeared. However, I'm stuck with non-functioning buttons and a busted SIM. Strangely, the fingerprint scanner still works despite the issues with the home button and so too do the volume buttons.

    Any advice would be appreciated and I'd be happy to answer questions. Thank you.
    02-23-2016 10:04 AM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    Straight off the bat... water damage is irreparable... unless you have a lot of spare parts. Sure, it may seem like only the SIM and Home button are bad, but you probably have other blown components elsewhere... you just haven't seen the effects yet. Beyond that, is it really a blown SIM, or is it the circuitry used by the SIM that's blown? Personally, I wouldn't waste time attempting a repair as the cost will probably exceed the cost of a new phone. Buy a new phone and try to keep it away from water.
    02-23-2016 10:35 AM

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