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    I traded in my Samsung Note 2 for a S5 Neo the other day, and loaded up my apps, including Go Launcher. The only thing I don't like and can't seem to adjust is this pull down search screen that appears when I drag down from the top. I want to get my notifications on the screen that has the row of buttons like wi-fi, mobile data, etc. I still have that, but most of the time I get this other screen first. I think it is related to Go Launcher, somehow, because the guy at my phone shop said he'd never seen it on an Android phone, so I flipped over to Touch Wiz, and it doesn't happen there. I have a screenshot. It has a search bar at the top, then underneath are categories: finance, life, shopping, news, and under that are results for things I never asked for. It uses a little flame symbol by the results and under that area it show my recently used apps. It has no indication of who/what it belongs to (like a brand or name). I'd love to disable it. Thank you for any help or ideas.

    02-23-2016 02:33 PM

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